Barriers are featured in every zombie map in Zombie mode excluding dead ops arcade seeing how it is just the character running around a field and barricades are not present in nuketown zombies and that is why carpenter is not available on that map. They act as barricades and prevent zombies from entering the player's area.

When repairing a barrier, the player is rewarded 10 points per barrier piece (board or block). The Double Points power-up does affect the points gained while repairing a barrier, allowing a player to gain 20 points per barrier piece.



In all maps, the traditional "boarded-up" entrances are present. These barriers are usually windows or doorways that can be boarded up to prevent zombies from entering. When repaired, a board is placed horizontally or vertically, forming a makeshift barricade.

These barriers either contain a total of 5 or 6 boards.

Walls/ CavesEdit

In Nacht der Untoten and Verrückt, some walls (or caves) are used as barriers. When zombies break the barrier, pieces of the wall are removed. When repaired, these pieces are placed back up.

These barriers contain 8 - 10 pieces.

Doors with WindowsEdit

In "Five", the barriers are made of glass and can be broken by the player. After a piece of glass is removed, the barrier is repaired with a board.

These barriers contain a total of 5 or 6 boards.


  • Only a certain amount of points can be gained from repairing barriers each level. For example, only 40 points can be gained in level 1, regardless of the Double Points power-up.