Claymores are a type of equipment featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops. It is a type of Anti-Personnel Mine.


Claymores are unlocked at level 10 and cost CoDPoints.svg5000 , making them the most expensive equipment in the game. The player is given one claymore at the start of the round.

Claymores can be carried around and are placed with the fire button. They can be picked up and moved after being placed. Unlike the claymores in other Call of Duty games, they do not "click" when triggered.

A claymore's detonation time is about 0.83 seconds.


Claymores featured in the following zombie maps:

Claymores cost 1000 points to buy of the wall. Once purchased, the player recieves two. The player will be given two claymores at the beginning of every level, unless they are killed. A player can only have a total of two claymores at a time. The Max Ammo power-up will refill the player's claymores.