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death machine power up (zombies)

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Death Machine Power Up (Zombies)

The Death Machine can be found in the Zombies maps "Five", Ascension, Dead Ops Arcade, Call of the Dead, and Moon as a power-up. In power-up form, it appears as a three-dimensional model of the icon for the Rapid Fire attachment. It is easily identifiable, casting a blue glow instead of the usual green. The Death Machine lasts 30 seconds with unlimited ammo, and firing it constantly will not affect its duration. It does a great amount of damage to Zombies at early to medium rounds as well as the Pentagon Thief, who can also steal it. It is fairly ineffective at high rounds (40+), though. It must be noted that one can't upgrade it or buy another gun and revive teammates in it's use. The player can still repair broken barriers, open doors, or clear debris. When the power-up is almost over, a low ammo quote will be heard and the icon will start flashing.

The Death Machine also appears in Dead Ops Arcade as a pick-up. Once the player gets it, the player is able to use it for several seconds or until its ammo runs out. The player that is awarded with "The Fate of Firepower" will be granted a permanent Death Machine. Additionally, on Ascension, the Death Machine can be obtained by all players at the same time, for a total of 90 seconds, if a certain easter egg is completed. It also drops when George A. Romero is killed. Note that the Death Machine takes about 3 seconds to draw before being able to fire, and this can leave the player vulnerable if they are swarmed.

The Death Machine does not appear as a power-up in Kino der Toten and Shangri-La