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Double points

Double Points is a power-up found in every zombie map when playing in Zombie mode. It, as the name suggests, enables all players to gain double the points in damaging and killing a zombie and in repairing barriers. Double Points, however, will not double the points gained when reviving a teammate or the points gained from other power-ups (such as a Carpenter or Nuke power-up). Double Points' icon is a "X2". The Demonic Announcer will say "Double points" once a player gets it. A "vanishing" sound can be heard once the power-up has expired.

A zombie may drop a Double Points power-up when killed.


  • If possible, it is recommended to knife a zombie when Double Points is active. This allows the player to gain at least 260 points for every kill.
  • If knifing is too dangerous (at higher rounds) it is recommended to use an automatic weapon to rack up high amounts of points.
  • When combined with Insta-Kill, it is recommended to knife the zombies, as it will earn the player at least 270 points (260 + 10 for the hit).