A group of Gas Zombies.

Gas Zombies (also known as Creepy Crawlers, Nova Crawlers, Crawlers, Creepers or Nova Zombies) are a type of zombie introduced in Call of Duty: Black Ops. They have the ability to crawl on walls.


Gas Zombies seem to be much more mutated than regular zombies. They have a greenish-grey shade of skin and only wear a loin cloth. They emit a distinct trail of green gas, although they may be hard to notice, as they stay close to the ground.

They have not retained their previous human facial features, as they have a large mouth which takes up the entire face.


When killed, a Gas Zombie will explode and emit a cloud of toxic green gas which visually impairs and slows the player (similar to the effects of a Nova gas grenade in multiplayer). This can allow regular zombies to catch up with the player. Interestingly enough, a Gas Zombie will not release the cloud of gas if they are killed by a knife attack or Ray Gun shot. The player will also take a small amount of damage if they stay near the gas for too long.


  • Nova Crawlers move faster than regular zombies, allowing them to catch up to somebody who is simply walking.
  • When Gas Zombies explode upon death (unless killed by a knife/wonder weapon) they will harm anything in the blast radius, inclueding other zombies. This can be useful for clearing out large groups of zombies.
  • Like Hell Hounds, they take 3 hits to down a player (6-8 with Juggernog)