insta-kill skull

Insta-Kill is a power-up found in every zombie map in zombie mode. It lasts for 30 seconds and enables every player to kill any zombie (including Hellhounds) in one hit until the power-up runs out. Insta-Kill's icon is a skull. The Demonic Announcer will say "Insta-Kill" once someone gets it. A "vanishing" sound can be heard once the power-up has expired.

When a zombie is killed during Insta-Kill, points are rewarded according to how the zombie was killed. For example, a shot to the chest will award the player 60 (50 + 10 for the hit) points, and a knife attack will award the player 140 points (130 + 10 for the hit).


  • It is recommended to knife zombies, as it awards the highest amount of points.
  • When Insta-Kill combined with Double Points can awards the player extremely high points.
  • If the last zombie of a round drops an Insta-Kill power-up, it is recommended to wait until the next round to start before retrieving it.
  • When Insta-Kill is active, it is easier to revive downed teammates, as they can protect the reviver.
  • If knifing is not an option during Insta-Kill, it is recommended to use a weaker weapon, as it will kill in one shot regardless.
  • Shotguns are effective as they spread when fired.