The Jugger-N.]] Jugger-Nog is one of the av Perk-a-Cola machines available iNazi Zombies|Zombie mode]]. It can be purchased for 2500 points, and is featured in all zombie maps excluding Nacht der Untoten. The power must be turned on in order to purchase Jugger-Nog along with any other perk (Excluding [revives] were you can immediatley buy the perk when you spawn but only on solo mode. Jugger-Nog is the most popular perk amongst players. It is recommended to buy Jugger-Nog before buying any other perk. The effects of Jugger-Nog allow you to survive up to 4 hits from zombies, rather than 2. 



In Verrückt, The Jugger-Nog will spawn in the spawn room on the German side of the map

Shi No NumaEdit

In Shi No Numa,  Jugger-nog can spawn randomly in one of the huts. In single player, it is always the second Perk to spawn.

Der RieseEdit

In Der Riese, the Jugger-Nog machine can be found upstairs (on the left side of the bridge or oposite bridge of Double Tap Root Beer) near the Bouncing Bettys

Kino der TotenEdit

In Kino der Toten, the Jugger-Nog machine can be found in the theatre, directly beside the Bowie Knife.

In "Five", the Jugger-Nog machine can be found directly outside the Pack-a-Punch machine room's door (in the main room).


in this map it is found in the building with the power. go one floor down and in the corner and go to the corner and its there