180px-Max Ammo

Max ammo

Max Ammo is a power-up found in every zombie map when playing in Zombie mode. It, as the name suggests, gives every player full ammunition (including lethal and tactical grenades).Max Ammo icon is an ammo box with overflowing rounds. The Demonic Announcer will say "Max ammo" once a player gets it. A "vanishing" sound can be heard once the power-up has expired.

A zombie may drop a Max Ammo power-up when killed. At the end of every Hellhound round and Thief round, a Max Ammo is dropped.


  • It is recommended to reload all weapons before retrieving a Max Ammo power-up. This is important because a Max Ammo will not refill the used rounds in a magazine.
  • Downed players will not recieve an ammunition bonus, for this reason it is important to revive them before grabbing a max ammo.
  • Max Ammo's are dropped at the end of every Hell Hound round by the last dog. It is generally a good idea to wait a few seconds before grabbing it, to allow your teamates to reload.
  • It is advisable to use all of your ammo up before grabbing a Max Ammo as this will increase the amount of free amunition you recieve.
  • If you have Monkey Bombs/Gersh Devices/Matroska Dolls and a max ammo is dropped, throw all of them. You will have them fully replenished by the Max Ammo, it makes it easier to get the max ammo, it's fun, and you should get allot of kills. Win, win, win and win. Make sure you are not in the middle of throwing a gernade/special gernade while somebody picks up the max ammo though, if it is in your hands it will not be replinished.
  • If your teamates are downed, your clip is almost empty, you don't have any Monkey Bombs and you can't revive your teamates/reload before the Max Ammo disapears, grab the ammo. Remeber SOME ammo for you is better than NO ammo for anybody.