Nuke, found in Kino Der Toten

The Nuke is a power-up found in every zombie map in Zombie mode. Once retrieved, it will explode, killing every current enemy (including Hellhounds) in the level. It appears to have a "shockwave" effect, as it first kills the zombies closest to the power-up. Nuke's drop icon is an atomic bomb. The Demonic Announcer will say coolly "Kaboom" once someone gets it.

After all zombies are killed by the Nuke, every player will be awarded 400 points (regardless of the amount of zombies killed).

In Dead Ops Arcade, the Nuke is used as grenade. When used, it falls from the sky and kills all zombies near the player.


  • You are rewarded 400 points regardless of the amount of zombies killed.
  • For the above reason it is advised to kill any zombies that are left first before retrieving the Nuke, as many players use it as a points buffer. As an example, if a Nuke kills 4 zombies, you get 400 points, but if you kill the zombies using a raygun, then retrive the Nuke, you will recieve a minimum of 600 points (200 from kills, 400 from nuke). As rayguns only give 50 points a kill, using a machine gun will greatly increase the points gained.
  • Due to the nukes shockwave effect, the zombies farthest away from it will be killed last. While they usually will not harm the player after detonation and before being killed, it is advisable to stay away from them as they can sometimes still harm the player.
  • Once a Nuke is retrieved, it is recommended to revive any downed teammate, as zombies will be killed.