Pack-a-Punch Call of the Dead

ATTENTION: This page is out of date and a part of it is completely false. This page requires someone to bring it up to date and replace the false information with the real knowledge. (The writer of this part did not have the time to do so).

__________________________________________________ |FALSE

|The Pack-a-Punch machine allows a player to upgrade their |weapon. When a weapon is upgraded, the following actions |occur:

The player's pap'd weapon will have increased ammo and deals increased damage.

It costs 5000 points to use the pack a punch machine. However, in five, if the player obtains a bon fire sale, it will only cost 1000 points to do so, for 30 seconds. to get bon fire sale, the player must kill the pentagon thief before he steals his/her weapon.


Der RieseEdit

Pack-a-Punch machine will become available after all three teleporters are linked to mainframe (linking requires the power to be turned on). The power switch can be found behind the original Mystery Box location, outside teleporter room C. Once linked, the Pack-a-Punch machine will be available to all players. The Pack-a-Punch machine is located in the starting area near the mainframe.

Kino der TotenEdit

In Kino der Toten, the Pack-a-Punch machine can only be reached by using the teleporter. To use the teleporter, the power must be turned on and the teleporter must be linked to the core. The power switch can be found on the stage. Teleporting is free, unlike in Der Riese. Once teleported, the player will find themself in the projection room, along with the Pack-a-Punch machine.


In "Five", the Pack-a-Punch machine can only be reached by raising the DEFCON level to 5 (requires the power to be turned on). The power switch can be found inside the lab (after taking the second elevator). DEFCON levels can raised by using switches located in the main room (where both elevators lead to). Once the DEFCON level is set to 5, all teleporters will lead to the Pack-a-Punch machine room.