Power-ups are featured in every zombie map. Power-ups are dropped by zombies, Hellhounds or the teleporters in Der Riese. Each power-up has a different and essentially useful effect to the players. Each floating power-up appears to be gold with a green outline. The power-up will blink when it is about to disappear.

Types of Power-upsEdit

Insta kill is best perk ever !Edit

Double PointsEdit

The Double Points power-up lasts for 30 seconds. It allows all players to gain double points from damaging, killing and repairing barriers. It does not double the points gained from reviving another player. Its icon is a "X2".

Max AmmoEdit

Max Ammo refills ammunition in all weapons and grenades (lethal and tactical). Max Ammo power-ups are dropped after every Hellhound round and Thief round. Its icon is an ammo box with overflowing rounds.


The Nuke kills all zombies on the map at that current time. It appears to have a "shockwave" effect, as it first kill the zombies closest to it. It awards every player 400 points, regardless on the amount of zombies killed. Its icon is an atomic bomb.

Carpenter (Der Riese, Kino der Toten, "Five", Ascension, Call of the Dead, Shangri-La)Edit

The Carpenter power-up repairs all barriers on the map. It also appears to have a "shockwave" effect. It awards all players 200 points if at least one barrier was repaired. Its icon is a hammer.

Fire Sale (Kino der Toten, "Five")Edit

Fire Sale reduces the Mystery Box's price down to 10 points, and spawns a Mystery Box at all possible locations. It also reduces the Pack-a-Punch machine's price from 5000 points to 1000 points. Its icon is a "$".

Death Machine (all maps)Edit

The Death Machine power-up grants the player who obtained it a Death Machine (mini-gun) for 30 seconds. It has unlimited ammo and can be essential at higher rounds. It is the only power-up which only affects the player who obtained it. Its icon is several bullets with a blue glow.

Bonfire Sale ("Five")Edit

The Bonfire Sale power-up has the same effects as Fire Sale and makes all teleporters teleport to the Pack-A-Punch machine room (regardless of DEFCON level). The only way to obtain a Bonfire Sale power-up is to kill the Thief without him taking a player's weapon. Its icon is a Pack-A-Punch machine.

Random Perk Bottle (Ascension, Call of the Dead, Shangri-La)Edit


  • A player can obtain more than one power-up at once.