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Quick Revive (also known as Quick Revive Soda) is one of the available Perk-a-Cola machines available in Zombie mode. It can be purchased for 500 points when playing solo and 1500 points when playing with at least 2 players. It is featured in all zombie maps excluding Nacht der Untoten. The power must be turned on in order to purchase Quick Revive (along with any other perk).

Quick Revive is one of the less popular perks as players would prefer to save their money for other uses, such as the Mystery Box or another perk. Quick Revive is highly recommended when playing solo.


  • (Solo only) Ability to revive oneself. When a player has purchased Quick Revive when playing solo, they are automatically revived once downed. Quick Revive can only be purchased a total of three times when playing solo. When they are downed, they receive the upgraded M1911, Mustang and Sally, unless they have the Ray Gun, then they will have that.
  • (2+ players only) Revive downed teammates in half the time.



In Verrückt, the Quick Revive machine can be found in the left starting room (American side).

Shi No NumaEdit

In Shi No Numa, the Quick Revive machine can be found inside one of the huts. It will spawn randomly.

Der RieseEdit

In Der Riese, the Quick Revive machine can be found to the right once entering teleporter room C. It is to the right of the Bowie Knife.

Kino der TotenEdit

In Kino der Toten, the Quick Revive machine can in the starting room.


In "Five", the Quick Revive machine can be found in the starting room.