The teleporter is a utility in Zombies mode on Der Reise,

Kino Der Toten, and Five. In Der Reise, you have to link the the teleporters before the timer runs out. In Kino Der Toten,

you can link the teleporter to the mainframe without a time limit. It cost 1500 points in Der riese. In cost no points in Kino, but it needs to cool down. In Five, you can use teleporters at any time after the power is on.

NOTE: All Teleporters lead to the Pack-A-Punch. In Der riese, linking all teleporters unlocks the Pack-A-Punch at the mainframe. IN Kino, it temperaroley teleports you to the projection room.

In Five, activating each DEFCON switch makes the teleporters lead to the Pack-A-Punch room.